Audi To Bring A3 Sedan To U.S

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It’s taken a while for Americans to smarten up, but it seems they are taking to the versatility of the hatchback more and more. The new Ford Fiesta , the Honda Fit , and the Nissan Versa are just a few examples of hot selling hatches in the United States. Yet, even we aren’t sure if the Audi A3 is worth the expense, when you can just get a GTI .

To try and solve this sales issue, Audi might be bringing the A3 sedan to the U.S. That would give the German automaker an entry-level sedan below the A4 . We don’t have any details on the A3 sedan yet, but there should be some coming soon.

If these rumors are true, an A3 sedan would compete with the BMW 1-Series and possibly the Mercedes-Benz B-Class . That is, if it comes stateside. We should expect to see the A3 sedan around 2013 if not later.

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