Audi to everyone else: 'You're freaks'

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Audi has been getting a little aggressive with its advertising for the new A4 . First it went directly for Mercedes in a national advertising campaign, and now it continues while it takes aim at BMW and Lexus as well in a new "Meet the Beckers" web series.

Enjoy the first episode. Maybe you can pick up on what Audi’s trying to say (unfortunately for Audi, in real life, idiots drive its cars too.)


This is really sad, I guess Audi is getting scared from it competitors. They used to be a high class automobile but now they are vulgar and it seems like an loser can go out and buy one thinking that he can own the world because he owns an Audi well then I’m sticking strongly to Mercedes and BMW as well as Lexus. If Audi disappears tomorrow I would not care!

Audi may be getting too big for its boots. How about you shut up and give your embaressingly underpowered R8 a few more horses?

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