Audi to Mercedes: 'You're old'

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Audi is not exactly being subtle about how it sees (or wants you to see) Mercedes in its ad for the new A4. Get off my lawn old man!


I thought the new ’modern’ house wasn’t that nice either. I like modern looking homes, but it could have looked better. IMO the C Class looked better in that commercial. They should have compared the interior of the Mercedes vs the Audi. Show the austere and cold interior of the Mercedes then transform it into the rich and warm interior of the Audi. But hey they only had 30 seconds...

the old house interior looked much much better and classier than the new,modern one.The commercial targets people who love modern,substance-free things,people with no education.if audi likes it that way,i`m very sorry for them.I own an audi,by the way so don`t think i`m a merc fan.I also think the new c class looks much classier than the new a4 on the outside.on the inside,the merc is crap,looks like an opec astra.

They run this commercial all the time on the Olympics.

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