Audi TT facelift to be revealed on April 10

With the New York Auto Show fast approaching, Audi has decided to jump the proverbial gun after announcing that they plan unveil a facelift version for the TT sports car on April 10th at the AMI auto show in Leipzig.

Curious as the decision may sound like, the move sounds like a response to BMW’s plan of unveiling the new 5-Series Touring at the same show. Audi has also purposely kept specific details on the face-lifted version of the TT until it breaks cover in Leipzig, although from what we’ve heard, the TT is expected to come with a new exterior styling and variety of fuel-efficient powertrains to choose from.

Source: Carscoop


The car in itself is not complete crap, but the phrase was that it is crap for the money. It is way overpriced for its performance and qualities. Its competitors beat it out in every aspect.

i wouldn’t call it "crap" but more like a "i bought this car because they didn’t have an S3"....

Don’t worry, these morons must be spamming the site or something. It doesn’t do anywhere close to 3 seconds and is a complete crap car for the money.

I really doubt that it’ll reach 60 in 3 seconds.... that’s supercar material, and to reach that the car would need about 2x more the engine that it has, maybe even 2.5x’s... that car used to reach 60 in over 5 seconds...

The new audi reaches 60mph in 3 sec

the new audi reaches 60 mph in 3 sec.

The new audi reaches 60mph in 3 sec

The new Audi reaches 60 mph in 3 sec

The new Audi reaches 60 mph in 3 sec

wow! I love this one!

@ Jackson_white - i guess you’re right with that jackson. We cannot judge it until we see it in action.

The exterior looks very smooth I love to touch it. I love to here more from you guys!

That is good news then. It has been quite a while since I have been waiting for some sort of upgrades or modifications for the TT and I’d say that this is the right time for them to do some good changes for its look.

Those headlamps looks like the older version of ford focus? Except for the LED light installed below.

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