Audi TT GT3 Could Be Under Development

Audi TT-RS Plus

At the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, Audi unveiled the TT-RS Plus — a faster version of the current TT-RS . It looks like the good news may not stop there, as according to Audi’s development boss, Wolfgang Durheimer, in the near future we may see a hardcore, super-light Audi TT . According to sources, the package would be almost like the package that Audi’s sister company, Porsche, uses on its 911 GT3 .

First details suggest that, if produced, this revised TT would be built on the usual MQB architecture, but it would combine steel, aluminum and carbon fiber in an attempt to keep its curb weight around 2,200 pounds. Under the hood, Audi would install a five-cylinder engine and pair it with its world-renowned Quattro all-wheel-drive system.

The project has yet to receive the green light from the bosses at Audi, but, according to sources, a final decision will be made next week. If it’s anything like the 911 GT3, we are prepared to be wowed all over again by the TT.

Source: AutoCar


I don’t think R8 s a good option... TT is definitely smaller and cheaper. I was comparing TT with other small cars and about the same price

if you really want to drive like a boss to your office, you choose a R8

yeah, different..if tou wanna drive to you office like a boss, right?

from my point of view, this is a perfect street car. of course, if you wanna be a little bit different

if i had the money i would always chose this car instead of any other medium car

i like Audi as a brand, but Audi TT isn’t one of my favorites

comparing to other brands, audi cars look better and better. they continually surprise me

i always appreciated this car. even if it has 3 doors it’s not a small car.

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