Audi TT Pick-up

By far this is the most idiotic thing seen today: who in the world will consider that a TT Pick-up is a good idea? Well, but idiotic or not, stupid or not, someone actually did it: they made a pick-up from a TT. They needed some help will all the work in the ranch. But this is not an excuse to do such a thing!

The genius behind this is a Danish company (yes you heard it right, the idea is coming from a company, not from a 12 years old kid left home alone and forgotten there for a week) who thought that turning a TT into a pick-up is useful. After they removed the tailgate, the "conversion kit" includes a few pieces of checker-plate and some strips of aluminium extrusion.

Now seriously, why did you destroyed this dream car?


Weird, maybe they’re rich that why they turn a very Beautiful Audi TT – into a terrible pick-up.

Based on the image, the boy’s mother is happy on what he did, because it really does help loading the grasses for feeding cows. can you imagine a super car that can also use as a SUV?

this is what you called "boring" IMO owner if this car is so bored with his AUDI TT. but I think customizing it helps them in their business.

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