Audi TT-S - official Car on the Isle of Man

Audi announced that the latest TT-S will be the official safety car
at the famous Tourist Trophy motorcycle races next month on the Isle of Man.

Audi TT-S - official Car on the Isle of Man

The latest and most powerful model in the iconic Audi TT range – the new 272 hp TTS – will make a fittingly dynamic debut in Britain. The most powerful ever production Audi TT coupe to date has been chosen by the TT organisers as the prestigious “Official Car” at this year’s world-famous event which runs from 24 May-6 June.

Audi paid homage to the legendary Tourist Trophy motorsport event of the same name in naming its “TT” sportscar. It is an event in which machines from one of its founding companies competed with considerable success in the spectacular Tourist Trophy race which was first staged on the Isle of Man in 1905.

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