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After unveiling the Audi TT RS at the Geneva Motor Show , the brand with four rings is teasing the U.S. Official reports state that Audi’s newest halo car won’t be making it stateside; however Motortrend’s insiders in Ingolstadt have commented that the chances are very high the 335 HP TT RS could be in American showrooms as early as August.

The TT RS is the next level of Audi performance. The vehicle comes with a turbocharged 2.5 liter five cylinder engine with direct injection. The 330 lb-ft of torque help launch the TT RS from 0-60 MPH (0-100 km/h) in only 4.6 seconds on its way to a top speed of 155 MPH, plenty of oomph to have some fun with Porsche Cayman S owners.

Audi traditionally offsets the release of their new models by first introducing the car in Europe and eventually in the United States. It is very likely that the Germans are giving the 265 HP Audi TT S , which was introduced last year in Detroit , some time to enjoy the limelight before the offering an even higher output version. If not Audi dealers could end up with lots filled with TT S’s.

It is also believed that Audi will bring the powerful and functional RS6 Avant stateside, but because of America’s lack of enthusiasm for wagons, it is more likely that we will see the RS5 long before the estate. The Audi RS5 will compete head to head with the BMW M3 ; a 500 HP sleek four passenger coupe should give the boys in Bavaria something to worry about.

Audi is currently going through a phase of downsizing their entire engine line up in an attempt to increase fuel mileage and lower emissions. Unfortunately for fans of the 354 HP 4.2 liter V8 found in the current S5 , that engine will no longer be an option in 2011 in favor of a more economical 3.0 liter V6 that will produce 333 supercharged horse power, the same engine that is scheduled to appear in the next generation Audi S4 .

Source: MotorTrend


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