Batmobile for sale on eBay

Imagine yourself driving this around your neighborhood? What do you think will people say? If you want to find out, you can now buy one of the five Batmobiles on eBay!

Batmobile for sale on eBay

Here it is one of 5 cars that could have been in the "Batman" movie staring Micheal Keaton and Jack Nicholson. Five cars were built for the movie and this car is the number five car. Being that this car originally was owned by Warner Bros productions it is important to note that the buyer will have to sign a contract with them and some other legal items.

Batmobile for sale on eBay

The car is 20 feet long and 8 feet wide. The chassis is custom built and the motor is a Chevrolet 350. There an o doors on the door. To get in you have to be able to enter through the top where the canopy opens, just like in the movie.

And the starting bid is a bargain: $500.000! Just joking!

Source: eBay


Ahh, the old school Batmobile. Well, if I would be having my own batmobile I would definitely love something like that of in the new batman sequel. Well, even the lamborghini will do if its not too much to ask the fairies or genies out there. Lol.

ya but the Dark knight bat Motorcycle will be very nice and cool. Anyway ya have the one from Bat begains would be Incredible. but then again i love the old cars...

nah christian bale’s batmobile is da .i’d take that over this any day...this is too retro...20 feet long....looks like it weighs a good 6000 lbs.

I would love one...I am a huge Bat nerd

I know a few people who would love to own one...

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