BBC might take legal action against The Stig for planned autobiography

We don’t know if there’s any truth to this or if it’s just another expertly crafted publicity stunt by Top Gear, but either way, they once again somehow find themselves in the headlines.

Rumors are circulating that the BBC is looking into taking legal action against The Stig, whoever that dude is, for an autobiography the enigmatic test driver is planning on doing.

Normally, there’s nothing wrong about penning an auto-bio, but given that the BBC has taken painstaking lengths to keep the identity of The Stig a secret since the masked driver joined the show in 2003, then The Stig writing his autobiography – and the resulting disclosure of his real identity - is the last thing BBC wants to happen.

And based from experience – the original Black Stig, who turned out to be ex F1 driver Perry McCarthy, was taken off the show after revealing his identity in his own autobiography back in 2003 – the BBC might be more than willing to take this to the courts to protect the “agreed contractual and confidentiality obligations” attached to The Stig’s contract.

Like we said, we don’t know if this rumor has any legs or not, but either way, it’s something that we’re definitely going to keep a close eye on as new developments arise.

Source: The Sun


Sad thing is I can spot Hamman from a mile away, they use the same retarded styling in everything they do. for example the fog light treatment carries over to almost everything they do, and looks horrible in every case. Looks cheap and pricey.

it’s a bit hard to publish under a pseudonym if you’re a celebrity, unless you want to change everything, it would kind of defeat the whole book if you changed f1 to indy, youth time carting to sailing lessons and so on.

Honestly I don’t care what human is behind the Stig. The Stig is really more like a spirit or a force of nature. A wind that streaks across a race track.

Finally, we’re figuring this out. Clarkson commenting on Stig’s characteristics = to adults talking about Santa Claus in front of kids. If the lap times were known to be set by different drivers it would take something away from the authority of that time board - considering the way we auto enthusiast argue on and on.

Its easy to say that its all about money and nothing but. I imagine being a famous tv celebrity and not being able to, well, act like a famous TV celebrity takes its toll. The book is a release for him and an opportunity to have an identity with all the fame The Stig has.

Didn’t they have an interview with Michael Schumacker, telling us that he was the Stig?

If Stiggy is truly a top-end former race car driver, I’m guessing he’s not hurting in the personal finance department. Still, Top Gear can’t go on forever, and I would hope the final show would reveal who he is. Then he can go do whatever the heck he wants.

That was a bit. I think at the end of that show, they showed the Stig, assumed to be Michael, driving backwards on the Top Gear track. Jeremy ultimately concluded Michael couldn’t be the Stig due to his inability to drive around the track.

The Stig’s face hasn’t been announced because he’s not showing off his face.

The Stig’s face hasn’t been announced because he’s not showing off his face.

but we already know who the stig is?

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