Beetle-based pickup coming to North America?

Volkswagen has big plans for US: 1 million vehicles sold a year by 2018. Figures that large means VW must sell over four times more then they sell now (GM sells about that many cars in Latin America, Africa and Middle East combined.) So how how will be this possible? VW believes in expanding the product lines, including a possible Beetle truck.

the Beetle-based pickup that might be added to the line-up after the second generation Beetle will be launched on the US market in 2011. Other bug variants include crossover and wagon versions.

Less outrageous ideas include Volkswagen may bring over a new family of small vehicles based on its space up! concepts. Short term, Volkswagen will try to generate excitement this year with the introduction of the Routan, a rebadged Chrysler minivan, and the coupe-like Passat CC. Next year, the redesigned Rabbit (Golf) reaches showrooms.

On the horizon, a compact sedan that will compete with the Honda Civic will be launched in 2012. The redesigned Jetta debuts in 2010, with SportWagen version coming in 2012. A new mid-size sedan, similar in size to the Passat, will go on sale in 2011. A less-expensive successor to the Phaeton luxury sedan could go on sale here as soon as 2011.


reminds me of the corvette based pickup

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