Bell Aurens Longnose: the 1,500 hp Land Rover

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Did you ever think at a car could be powered by an airplane engine? Although it is still a concept, Bell Aurens unveiled today their customized Land Rover , powered by a 27-litre V12 Merlin engine and capable to develop 1,500 hp. Called the Longnose, the car you see in the photos represents an exclusive interpretation of the old design of the British car. The vehicle is in fact an off-road convertible, featuring a yacht-like tail like the cars back in 1930’s which will be powered also by the Rover V8 4.6-litre engine or the 5.0 or the V16(two V8 engines).

Bell Aurens Longnose: the 1,500 hp Land Rover

Being a custom built vehicle, it is hard to give an exactly price due to the fact that it will be built after the exactly indications of the customers. For example, the basic price for a standard tail vehicle powered by the 235 hp 4,6-litre V8 engine will be around € 125,000 plus VAT. A Longnose featuring yacht tail vehicle powered by a 5,0-litre capable to develop 280 hp will be offered at a price of approximately € 150,000.

Bell Aurens Longnose: the 1,500 hp Land Rover

According to the manufacturer, a prototype of the vehicle powered by a V16 engine(2 V8 engines) 8-litre and 420 hp and 10-litre with 700 hp, will be unveiled in September at Peterborough Land Rover International Show. As we said the car will be manufactured in a very limited series of just 10 units per year due to the fact that the building process will not include automated processes.


well, the concept is a cool idea but the box shape just doesn’t work. If you look at some classic cars, they have amazing curves and are actually nice to look at.

Wow! This is a great design, by the way it looks like this truck has a bigger back space.

isn’t this used way back on WW2

if Land Rover succeeds in building that car it’s fantastic, that will be the most power full and the fastest car ever made!!

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