Ben Collins is The Stig!

Well, apparently, therumors from last week are true and Top Gear’s famous mystery driver, The Stig, is amidst a legal battle with BBC. What we didn’t know was that the identity of the world’s most mysterious driver would be uncovered before the whole situation got into the courtroom. So, here it is, and it’s official; British media reports that "The Stig’s true identity has been revealed as Ben Collins." The 35-year-old racing driver and stuntman’s identity was revealed this past weekend via a series of financial documents that were provided by the stuntman’s company, Collins Autosport.

The accounts of his company’s finances gave a pretty good picture of the driver’s identity with statements such as recording a "cornerstone year" in December 2003 thanks, in large part, to ’driving services provided for the BBC, mainly in the Top Gear programme." Directors noted the work offered ’good long-term prospects for continuing income."

However, when was asked about these reports, Ben Collins simply said he was on his way to Hungary and then added, "’I can’t speak to you. I’m going into a tunnel."

This isn’t the first time Collins was pinpointed as The Stig either. About a year and a half ago, a builder doing work on the driver’s home claimed he saw the famous white suit in Collins’ closet . A year before that, rumors had already started circulating claiming that The Stig was Ben Collins.

This just goes to show; if it walks, talks, and acts like a duck, it’s probably a duck. Quack, quack Collins.

Source: Daily Mail


I doubt they let the manufacturers send their own drivers around the course. For starters they wouldn’t be as quick simply because the Stig drives that track so often he probably has the line near perfect, except for that one time with Reubens Barichello of course.

The other reason being the hard line they take on cars would seem a little ADD if they turned around and let them drive their own cars around the track. If jezza says your seats feel like sitting on rocks then i doubt the producers will let others drivers do it.

Not really a big news, Collins is the guess of everyone.

They could also put Captain Slow as a temporary Stig... After the Veyron saga, he may be just perfect :P

No way...the guy has a tremendous advantage on them - he knows the circuit blindfolded and the ty car they drive in...therefore this would suggest he never got to the F1 level, cause he should be able to find a couple seconds, given that the F1 drivers have a substantially limited time to get in touch with the track/ ty car...I say Blue Stig (But maybe yellow would be better)

So that’s the real identity of Stig. He’s a pro driver and a stuntdriver too?

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