Bentley Continental GT in pink

Yes, that is Paris Hilton, and no, this is not the E! Channel. It seems Hilton wanted to but herself a Christmas gift, so she bought a $175,000 Bentley Continental GT and then added $25,000 worth of custom bits to it. This offense to good taste was assembled by West Coast Customs, who seem to still be catering to the more-money-than-brains crowd after losing the "Pimp My Ride" gig.

Someone needs to regulate the amount of pink paint that is available out there. We’ve seen other good cars gone soft, like a Pink Pagani Zonda and a Pink Bugatti Veyron . Then again, if someone this attention hungry wants to buy a sedate British coupe, this may be a good thing. Sort of like a big pink warning sign to others.

Source: GlobalMotors


This car is really cute! Paris Hilton truly has a good taste in pimping her ride. It’s very fashionable car for girls.

Pink is not such a weak or a lady color. It doesn’t denote weakness for me if it were a car painted pink. Anyways, it’s Paris Hilton anyways, she looks good in anything, except maybe in a prius or something.

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