Bentley Continental GT with Swarovski crystals

It seems that there are people out there who will do their very best to ensure that car thieves will make off with at least part of their car. Sound ridiculous? Well, it is, but it also seems to be true. Take this Bentley Continental GT , for example. The Bentley is already a tasty treat for car thieves everywhere, but this owner has sweetened the pot by adding Swarovski crystals to his luxury vehicle making this a deadly combination for the naive and insane car owner.

And if the crystals were not enough, the owner of this Continental GT also added a very unique exterior: white with orange flowers and flames. The crystals are "hidden" in the flames, but it is still impossible to miss the sparkly additions when you take a glance at the vehicle.

This Bentley was spotted on the streets of the Ukraine, but we’re just wondering how long the car will actually be cruising the streets before we get news of its abduction.

Source: Autogespot


Wow, that seems to be the most price-possession car ever had by the owner. The car was stunningly sparkling in the mid-day sun.

The car combination of unique exterior and adding a swarovski crystal to the vehicle its really a satisfaction to thieves waiting at any place. It’s seriously a dazzling car.

Personally for me, Luxurious Cars don’t need that much of a style just to make a statement that my car is indeed luxurious. Adding crystals to a car won’t change a thing to its driver.

Actually, This is not the first that we have heard a news about luxurious thing that was put in their car. If I could remember somewhere in China has paint his car with real carat of gold in it!

haha. What a curse Xanthias! Well, I think this is the doing of the person that don’t know what to do with their gems! Although I find this action not so safety still I enjoyed this news and I can’t wait for its abduction. Lol

Insane! Why does he needs to put those crystal on the Bentley Continental GT if his afraid for his car to be stolen. Maybe trying to envy the people! How I wish his car would be stolen to teach him a lesson!

Forget about the thieves. Its such a spectacular piece of luxury, the owner might surely be proud for its design. he will have his share of admiration not only from his society and friends, but from around the world (like us). smiley

Extremely beautiful!I have no doubts that this blinged out beauty will make quite a few heads turn.

Wow, that was really elegant! I’ve been wondering how many crystals were used to this vehicle? That’s really pricey!

Okay, I like it. If I buy one and keep it like new and hold down the miles, can I get my money back ten years later?

Yes, I agree with you Bobby. I think the same way too and also I love the details of this car.

I love the coupe, not much of a convertible fan but this car I think will sell really well.

It’s handsome but the design is now dated and stale and it does not really distinguish itself visually as the classic Bentley of yore did.

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