Bentley Estede Mulsanne Sunglasses

Bentley Motors and Estede are celebrating their first year anniversary of partnering together by releasing a limited series of solid gold sunglasses that will cost you the price of a decent-sized car.

We’re not joking; that’s just how Bentley and Estede roll.

The Bentley Estede Mulsanne sunglasses are available in either 18ct solid gold, silver palladium, or platinum with Bentley’s famed "B" logo settled in hand-polished enamel coating with full engraved surfaces. Each pair of sunglasses are made to order and will be individually numbered to only 100 pieces per color variation. What’s more, these glasses use special lenses that offer the latest in lens technology with state of the art lens coating.

So how much is a pair going to cost? Well, we advise you to sit down before you continue reading. The cheapest of the lot - the 18ct models - will set you back €7,700, which is about $11,000 based on current exchange rates. More expensive than that is the limited edition 18ct gold sunglasses that retails for €10,000, which is around $14,400. And then there’s the grand daddy of the collection: the platinum sunglasses. Each pair will set you back a ridiculous €31,500. Convert that and you get $45,400.

What recession, right?

Source: Bentley


Waste? These sunglasses are not a total waste. Knowing your are driving a Bentley car and wearing a Bentley sunglasses is something to be proud of. At least you are consistent to yourself that you want just like the same thing.

haha. What the hell! What do sunglasses doing in here? And what its connection with cars? It seems that the merchandise offer by this car manufacturer is getting lamer.

Yeah, this one is just a waste! Although Bentley have an amazing vehicle, I would say that I don’t like this thing that they have offer. I would like to see a tuned up version for their car instead.

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