Bentley plans for the future with hybrid models and hopes to snag Maybach customers

Bentley is extensively prepping for their future with a couple of new paths to higher sales. Just recently, the company has downsized from a W12 to a V8 engine and their next course of action is to offer a plug-in hybrid model. In an interview with Car and Driver, Bentley CEO Wolfgang Dürheimer reported that the hybrid system could be based on Volkswagen technology and that it could combine either a W12 engine or a V8 engine with an electric motor placed between the engine and transmission. This system will allow an electric-only range of 16 to 19 miles - a relatively good range considering we are talking about very heavy vehicles.

Another new direction Bentley is taking, and probably the stranger of the two, is their announced plans to steal customers from Maybach. This bit of news came shortly after Mercedes announced that the last Maybach unit would be produced in early 2013. Bentley hopes that this termination of production will get stars like hip-hop artist Jay-Z, actor Samuel L. Jackson, and King Juan Carlos to turn their attention from the old Maybach models to Bentley’s line-up. We would think that Rolls Royce would be a good candidate as well, but Bentley wouldn’t be a bad way to go either.

"The withdrawal of Maybach is a business opportunity for us and we’re going to use it," Bentley Chief Executive Wolfgang Duerheimer told Reuters. And they aren’t too worried about Mercedes’ decision to offer an S600 Pullman because "they wanted something more exclusive than a Mercedes in the first place, so Rolls or Bentley would seem an obvious substitution."

In this war, Bentley has the advantage of planning alarge luxury SUV that will be placed over the top Cayenne and it will be "highly customizable, including a wealth of interior materials and a choice of four- or five-passenger configurations."


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Bentley made a really blunt statement there. They should follow that with their actions. Taking customers from Maybach can be a tough task.

If they want Maybach’s customers to pay their attention to them, then it’s time to make something that will catch their attention.

If they are planning a plan like that they should prepare for better units with unique appearance and features.

If Bentley wants to snag Maybach’s customers, then they should make something that will draw their attention.

If their plan pursue this year, it’s possible to steal the Maybach customers. What I don’t know if the Maybach has same plans on producing hybrid models. 

If their plan pursue this year, it’s possible to steal the Maybach customers. What I don’t know if the Maybach has same plans on producing hybrid models.

They will have better sales, and that’s for sure. Bentley latest projects show more passion and innovation resulting to catch worldwide attention, especially it’s hybrid.

They will surely sell great because their innovations’ beauty and elegance result to catching the possible consumers’ eyes. They will do better, I assume, once they get to come up with their hybrid models.

I really like the headlights and the luscious red paint. The tires absolutely matched the body.

Their plan for hybrid is a good idea. Well, I can support them in their plan. This will be their first hybrid.

It’s good if they focus on higher sales but it would be better if they provide standardized quality for it was the primary concern of every car-buyer, a car that won’t go out of the trend and long-lasting. Another step for Bentley now that they are planning to produce Hybrid Models. Hope it would be out as soon as possible.

Bentley will sure succeed on it. But it is not reliable in the road to take a Hybrid vehicle. I am hoping that Bentley would take some consideration before doing it.

I can’t wait for that large luxury SUV that Bentley is going to produce in the future. I am sure that I will love that but can’t afford for this will cost too expensive. Anyway, I am not that satisfied with Hybrid cars.

Bentley is really successful in car business, and that made me a fan of them. smiley Anyway, Hybrid or not, I am pretty sure that the next production
of their cars is will also hit their market plan.

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