Bentley suing Axl Rose for trashing Continental Flying Spur

Oh, those rock stars. They think they can get away with just about anything and expect no repercussions for their actions. Running rebels, are ya?

Well, one company isn’t letting the name of one iconic rock and roller from filing a lawsuit against the aforementioned star and now resident douche.

Bentley isn’t at all happy with Guns N’ Roses leadman, Axl Rose, for his direct involvement in turning a leased Continental Flying Spur from an exquisite luxury car to a destroyed heap on four wheels. Bentley Financials filed the suit seeking for payment to the damages done to the car that included, among other things, a cracked windshield, scratched wheels and trims, dented doors, gouged bumper cover, and even a missing remote key. And that’s not even getting into the part where he exceeded the car’s mileage limit by 42,000 miles.

As a result of the trashing, Bentley is requiring Mr. Guns N’ Roses to fork over $74,000 for all the damage he did to the car.

It’s one thing to go bonkers and trash a hotel room with your groupies, but for the love of God, you never, ever, destroy a car as awesome as a Bentley Continental Flying Spur. Shame on you, Axl Rose.

Source: TMZ


What a shocking incident. Well, the damage is done. I hope the case was already closed.

what a freaking accident..

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