Bentley to Announce a Plug-in Hybrid Variant By 2016

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Bentley EXP 9 F

The Detroit Auto Show just isn’t a place to see all-new model, it is also a great place to get juicy news for future developments. Included in the news gathered from Detroit is that Bentley has finally felt the itch to develop a plug-in Hybrid model after a successful track record of announcing cars powered by fuel-chugging V-8s and W-12s.

With Rolls Royce already jumping onto the bandwagon with the Phantom 102EX , Bentley CEO Dr Wolfgang Schreiber has announced plans to introduce a green variant to Bentley’s lineup.

Such a variant will grace the bodies of the Bentleys starting within three years, as Schreiber is quoted saying “It might actually be too late for diesel now, plug-in hybrids offer an even better fuel economy and don’t alienate petrol-only markets, we won’t see them for the next three years, but for us a plug-in hybrid is a must.”

Bear in mind though, that the decision for a hybrid model hasn’t been confirmed by the board as diesel power is still in the cards. However, given the fact that diesel power isn’t very popular in Bentley Bentley ’s strong markets — Middle East, U.S and China — a plug in hybrid system will most likely be the favorite choice among the Bentley Boys, according to Dr Schreiber.

If such a project takes off, expect the hybrid system to be developed by Volkswagen in coordination with Audi Audi and Porsche. Details are still scarce on what particular system will be used. So, once they roll in, we’ll post them as soon as possible

Source: GTSpirit

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