Bertone Mantide spotted in Dubai

Anytime you find yourself visiting Dubai, you should always remind yourself to bring your camera when you go out on the streets. There’s no telling what kind of exotic cars you’ll find out there.

Take this one for example, which was spotted by a member of If you’re not familiar with this car, it’s a Bertone Mantide . Yup, all £1.2 million ($1.9 million) worth of it. Of the ten Mantide’s that have been made, this one that was spotted in Dubai is car no. 2 which was purchased by a Dubai resident back in December .

If you didn’t know, the Bertone Mantide is essentially a high-powered Corvette ZR1 underneath all that fancy exterior design, which was penned by no less than design savant, Jason Castriota and explains, at the very least, why the supercar comes with such an exorbitant price tag.

Photo credit: Supercarsdubai


I agree.. but I guess this is a lot smaller than the Lamborghini embolado concept.

Painting it with Black matte will turn this baby into a new batmobile..

A horrid example of overindulgent styling that belongs, at best, in a bad B movie. (Is bad B movie an oxymoron?)

Oh yeah, It looks like a 3d design car. Is it my eye or the camera has an error.

Dang! That was a cool car but in this picture i wasn’t look like real. It looks like a 3D model image.

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