Bigfoot Truck makes appearance at SEMA to celebrate 35th anniversary

After jumpstarting a billion-dollar enthusiast segment, the Bigfoot truck - one of the most iconic trucks in history - returned to SEMA to celebrate its 35th anniversary.

Adorned in the traditional no. 1 and those gargantuan 66-inch terra tires, Bob Chandler’s Bigfoot Truck returned to the very same auto show it first attended back in 1977. To celebrate the occasion, the original No.1 was joinged by a modern tube-framed Bigfoot truck that was dressed in a commemorative no. 1 body.

As you probably know by now, Monster Trucks became a cultural icon over the years, having appeared in a number of movies, spawning it’s very own competition, and has also made 25,000 appearances in over 20 countries since it was created in 1974.


Yah, It is really pretty cool. SEMA always show good and unusual designs of cars.

Cool! 66 inch is like 5feet tall or more.

It actually has been a while since I have seen some show wherein there where big monster trucks. I guess people’s interests have shifted or it’s just not the season for monster truck races just yet. Seeing them on display is one thing, seeing them race and jump high in the air is another.

well this is a good choice for traffic... LMAO roll on to the other vehicles to get faster to your destination.

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