Bio-Diesel Suburban by Ai Design

AI design has customized a bio-diesel powered turbocharged 2002 Chevrolet Suburban. They have modified the engine to handle the increased corrosive properties of bio-diesel fuel. As bio-diesel fuel is a new teritory for Ai Design they had to partner with ATS Performance Diesel who provide them the parameters for engine’s modifications.

The car also received a a 4-wheel Brembo brake upgrade and a 12-inch lift, on-road/off-road suspension package, and increased fuel capacity.

The interior received a suede headliner and Wilton wool carpeting and an updated version of the elaborate center console unit.


That is not 12 inches of lift! This vehicle has a 6inch suspension at most, Other than an average front suspension this vehicle looks ok.

What modification was used to "handle the increased corrosive properties of Bio-Diesel Fuel"?

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