Birdman's New Ride: $2 million Bugatti Veyron

It seems that Birdman aka Bryan Williams has already grown tired of the Exelero he purchased back in February . The American rapper recently purchased yet another vehicle to add to his collection and, although his new Bugatti Veyron isn’t as expensive as the Exelero, it’s equally as impressive.

The rapper seems to have a thing for the color red too, as his $2 million fire flame red Veyron matches his red helicopter. According to Birdman "red is a fly color. It’s hot; represents heat. It’s the flyest color out there and it just blinds me."

Hopefully the color won’t blind him too much considering he’ll now be sitting in a 1001 HP quad-turbocharged W16 supercar. The funny part about that is the rapper insists he is not one of those guys that likes speed: "I’ve gone on the interstate and busted, maybe, 160 [mph] going to the Heat game. Besides that, I don’t really play with speed. I ain’t one of them that play in that world. I do like it ’cause it’s fly and the fastest car in the world and it’s expensive, but I don’t like playing with too much speed."

Somehow, we don’t believe that, but we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt for now. However, he can bet on the fact that we’ll be watching closely for his next speeding ticket.

Hit the source link if you are interested in DUB magazine’s full interview with Birdman.

Source: Dubmag


Yeah! I have to agree with you. I think he only wants to be cool as well. Moreover, he also wants to waste his money and tell on the whole word how rich he is. smiley If I’m not mistaken, it is not the first the time that he throw that huge amount for a very expensive vehicle.

Oh yeah, what’s the point of buying the world fastest car when you don’t even like its awesome high speed performance. I guess, he should choose a Fiat instead!hehe

haha. I have read lately that Birdman is not yet paid for this vehicle! It seems that he has no plan in buying this vehicle. Because according to him, the car is quite expensive, and he doesn’t like a high speed performing vehicle. 

Yeah, I bet it has a great chance of happening. And I guess you still don’t have any chance to own a Bugatti car since the Galibier has the same price tag as this car.

Yeah, its depressing..but I think knowing that I can’t afford the car is the saddest part! I don’t think that we could actually missed this car since the aftermarket company still exist. For sure one of this day we can still its production.

I wonder if the new they are going to use the W engine on the future line up of the Bugatti. BTW, I never thought that this car looks good in red. It seems that a cheaper is quite impossible!

Too bad that we can’t see anymore a production of a Veyron! The speed performance of the car is quite impressive as well as its sporty look. With the pricing of the car I bet only wealthy folks can afford to buy one of this.

Seemed that he earned a lot, and he’s spending too much. Just be careful and invest wisely.

This rapper is really a wealthy man. What shall he do with his collections? Much better if he gave his money in an orphanage or the people in need.

I find Birdman’s reasoning a bit on the weird side. He said that he just bought the Veyron because it is colored red and that he doesn’t play around with speed, but he also says that he can do more than a hundred miles per hour.

Such a very lucky one. He has been spending too much on this luxury. I hope he can able to manage his earnings and put up some investments for his future.

I really don’t see their lack of experience as a problem for the engine project. Lotus can always hire some of the best mechanical engineers to help in the development of this one.

Hehehe! This one reminds me of what happened to Flo Rida a few weeks back, he got arrested for overspeeding in a Veyron. Hope that one doesn’t happen to this guy.

I think that this one is an entirely different car. From what I can remember, the car that Birdman used for the first pics had black accents on it. Now he has two of them, great.

Sometimes, I really envy these rappers, all they need to do is diss out some crazy lyrics and they actually get paid with six figure checks. Might as well try this one to get rich

I think the Birdman is just addicted with hot red cars especially those cars that limited people can get. Again, its just a part of his ego as a billionaire and rapper.

Hey wait, I think this one is already the second Veyron that Birdman has. If I can recall it correctly, he already bought a red and black one last year.

Well, sorry to say but I’m not familiar with this guy. I have searched him and I have found out that he has a lot of collaboration with Lil Wayne.. it seems that he was paid with a high paycheck!

Yeah, I have read that news when he bought the $8 million dollar Maybach Exelero. Well, I guess the industry of rap has really a huge market that’s why he earn a lot through his music. BTW, if not mistaken Kanye West also have purchased a Veyron for himself.

This is not new. I saw a video of him with his Veyron like a year ago.

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