Blind Turkish singer sets 182 mph land speed record

Of course, at first sight, 182 mph is not a world record. But for a blind man, such a speed is more than just a record. This amazing number was hit by Metin Senturk, a Turkish singer, while driving a Ferrari F430 at the Urfa airport in eastern Turkey.

He entered the Guinness World Records with a top speed of 292.89 km/h (181.9 mph), breaking the previous record of 284 kph (176 mph), held by a British bank manager.

"I don’t think there are any words to describe this feeling. I am really happy. It was really hard, like a dance with death," said Senturk.

Source: NBC Sports


For a visually impaired person to drive a car wow that was awesome.
But is it possible that he undergone to a special training. Does he considered to drive on a rally race?

you really need to have a talent to be a driver. But for this guy, he got it!

Blind Turkish singer sets 182 mph land speed record.

World’s first midget to do a back flip on a motorcycle!

Well job well done! I really admired this kind of people.He got such amazing skills.

Well congratulations to him them. Man I don’t even reach that kind of speed with my car, that must have been a really great feeling for him. I wonder how he will do on a circuit though. Lol, just kidding.

Now he’s not only awarded from singing and creating songs. He was also awarded as the fastest blind driver.

KUDOS to him. His disability didn’t get his way. He still pursue what he wanted.

Congrats to him eventhough he’s blind, he’s able to set a speed record of 182mph. Honestly, a 180MPH is very hard to drive with 100% of concentration.

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