BMW 1-Series M Coupe To Be Limited In Production?

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We take forum posts with a grain of salt, but this one is quite interesting. A man named David Aviles, who works at Northwest BMW in Maryland, won a sales competition and was invited to an event called The Power of M. While he was there, the man from Maryland discovered some interesting things.

He saw some information on the new 1-Series M Coupe that is highly unusual. According to Aviles, there will only be 2,700 examples of the car made, and there will only be three colors to choose from. Those colors will be Alpine White, Jet Black, or Valencia Orange Metallic. On the plus side, all models will come with a manual transmission.

If he is correct, this is some odd news. We know that BMW has been making some rare M cars as of late, but this wasn’t suppose to be a rare model. Aviles did say that the U.S would be getting the most models, which is ironic considering the amount of people in this country that can’t drive a manual car.

Source: Bimmerpost


BMW knows that more Americans will be interested in their bloated brand X5M & X6M as opposed to the most affordable BMW road rocket.

Limited Edition on luxury cars, that’s not new anymore.

I almost thought that it will always be available for couple of years, why do they need to make it a limited edition type.

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