BMW 7-Series gets jacked during Detroit Auto Show

It’s got style, it’s got grace, and no, we’re not just reciting lyrics to Madonna’s Vogue. We’re describing the beautiful and powerful BMW 7-Series . A vehicle that, despite its prestige and price tag, was left alone to get stolen outside of a hotel during the Detroit Auto Show.

BMW brought 19 units of the $90,000 vehicle with them to this year’s auto show so the company’s top executives could all hitch a ride in one during the show. After the 7-Series’ job was done, the cars were loaded into a car carrier for transport back to their New Jersey home. The only problem is that only eighteen arrived.

Police say a hotel valet brought the BMW out of the garage and handed it over to the transporter. After that, the handler stepped away for a second and that’s when witnesses say two car thieves seized the opportunity to jump in and ride off. The stolen vehicle is dark gray and has New Jersey plates, but don’t go rushing the search party just yet. The vehicle is equipped with BMW Assist so the two carjackers should be caught within a reasonable time-frame. Bet they didn’t think of that, huh?

UPDATE 01/15/11: The BMW 750i xDrive luxury sedan that was improbably stolen at the Detroit Auto Show has been found, ending a few days worth of embarrassment for the German manufacturer. The car, which was left unattended a few days ago and was subsequently boosted, was found near Telegraph and Glendale Street in Detroit’s West Side. Apparently, the tracking system inside the BMW was cut and disabled, but it’s highly probable that because of the wide media attention brought about by the dastardly thievery, the criminals might have decided that the car wasn’t worth it anymore. All’s well that ends well, right? Yeah, try telling that to BMW.

Source: WXYZ


I don’t get it! So, why does the thief left it beside the telegraph. And it seems that tracking system is not useful at all. But yeah the ending is good even if they haven’t caught the thief.

Well, kidney grille doesn’t fit on this car. I’m not a fan of styling but rather on the performance of the engine. And besides I don’t know why should I love or hate this car.

for sure Your jaws are sore from swallowing it whole like a snake. I fairly staggered out of the press briefing at a hotel here laden with facts about the company’s latest personal executive sedan, the 2011 BMW 5-series.

The one thing you can be sure of when you walk out of a BMW news conference is that you’ll have plenty of information. Your head aches from it. Your ears ring with it.

maybe those bastard theifs are very familiar with the BMW’s security system that’s why they track down the tracking device and cut to disable the system. sorry bimmer too much media about your security systems.

well they actually found the car after few days of incident, unfortunately the Tracking system was cut off and disabled too bad for the german car manufacturer does it? but for sure this incident make the BMW Embarrassed their safety features and anti-thief is useless.

Why this can be happen to BMW. Their anti- thief system should be excellent

you both are brutal and barbaric, I guess that’s too much for a car theives. putting them in jail should be enough for this guys, they also have a family to feed.

TO NASH - I totally agree with you brother. same here I hate car thieves specially for a super car like this. what I’m gonna do if they capture is hung them upside down on a tree or a wall then shake a cola and put it inside their asses.

90.000 is way to expensive! Any interior shots?

I guess in this car you can fit a pool! smiley

lol I guess they wanted to have some exclusive test drive! smiley

well they really don’t know the BMW I guess, this two guys should be hung to a large tree filled with large ants and let them sting for death. this should be applied to all car thieves and hi-jackers.

freaks, good thing that BMW seven series is equipped with bmw anti-thief and Assist system, for sure it wont be long for this two freaks to caught and brought to jail.

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