BMW 8-Series coming in 2010?

Both Porsche and Mercedes will soon have a new competitor for their four-door coupe as BMW readies its four-door coupe-like sedan. BMW new four-door luxury GT flagship, possibly called the 8-Series, will be based heavily on theBMW Concept CS and will be launched in 2010. It will compete with models like Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG , Porsche Panamera and Aston Martin Rapide .

The car will be built bu BMW’s M division, but will not carry a M name: “It will take a couple of years [to get the CS to market],” says BMW M president Ludwig Willisch. "The naming is not defined yet but it will not be an M car".

The 2010 8-Series will be made out of aluminum and carbon fiber to reduce weight for increased performance. One of the engine options will be a 6.0-liter V12 formed by adding two cylinders to the M5’s V10.

Source: Drive


I think they should simply call it a "coudan"... sounds much more sensible than a 4-door coupe...
coupe+sedan= coudan
but i think BMW will come out with a 3-lettered abbreviation.
CAS anyone?

I am tired of car companys using the wrong terms to describe their cars. A Coupe does not have four doors, This is a Sedan. True Coupes Have only Two Doors, not four stop lying to all of us and just call your car a sedan like it is. Ferraris, Audi R8 and A5/S5, Lambos and many other two door cars are coupes, this and Mercedes Benz are not COUPES they are SEDANS!!!!

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