BMW Art Car-looking Dodge Viper ACR-X bags first place in inaugural Dodge Viper Cup race

This car look familiar to any of you? Okay, it’s not so much the car – that’s a Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR-X - as it is the livery that it comes in. If you’re having trouble racking your brains, then we’ll save you the trouble.

The racing livery this Viper comes in is almost identical to the one that artist Jeff Koons used for his BMW M3 GT2 Art Car that participated at the 2010 24 Hours of Le Mans just last month. Even better, at least for this Viper ACR-X, this one fared much better than the original, winning the inaugural Dodge Viper Cup at the Virginia International Raceway over the weekend.

Driven by racer Ben Keating, the Art Car-looking Viper ACR-X finished first in the flag to flag race, culminating in a photo finish with the second place vehicle driven by Jeff Courtney.

We don’t know what the boys from BMW are feeling since the livery of their Art Car has already spawned an imitation. And the best part is, the livery copycat already did what the original couldn’t do: win a race.

Source: Chrysler


lol nice stripes of colors. It’s like a macho car for a lady.

The color streaks are really the winning art, imagine when you look at the paint at high-speed

That’s good to hear, now we could make Corvette engine and stuck it in a Vios. Cool!

Whats the name of the filter/effect applied to that image to emboss the edges?

I think the one who design this viper is also the one who design the livery of the BMW.

well i hope the had the BMW’s permission to have a livery like this on the Viper.

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