BMW bringing four models to Frankfurt

BMW is rather busy preparing their lineup for the Frankfurt Motor Show this September. Apparently, they are showing up with no less than four world premiers: the M5 , the M3 GTS sedan , the redesigned 1-Series , and the i3 . So, if you plan on taking a trip to Germany during that period, you should definitely make a stop in Fankfurt to soak up all of the automotive goodness scheduled to appear.

While the first three models in the line-up are no surprise, the i3 will definitely steal the show. Unfortunately, it will not be a production version, but it will give us a good idea for what to expect in 2013. According to BMW, the i3 will be the world’s first volume-produced vehicle with a passenger cell made from carbon. It will feature an electric motor with an output of about 150 HP and a top speed of 100 mph. It is rumored that the i3 will have an autonomy of 160 miles.

Source: AMS


Yeah, they have announced the production of i3 and i8 but I don’t think that they are going to build a production for this one!

BMW hasn’t confirmed the production of the i-series. I still questioned the safety of the car for I think glass door is not safe at all.

hmm. I wonder if they are going to put the m5 into production or it would be just a concept that will be serve as a basis for future production?

Well, I’m really excited about the light weight version of M3. And the 1 series is already out in the market. I can’t wait to see the latest updates on Frankfurt.

We can blame them for releasing such number of models. Because competitions are now increasing and BMW don’t want their cars to be set aside by other new models.

Well, I am not really that surprised that they are producing quite a lot of models lately. After all, they still need to compete with other manufacturers. Good thing that the ones they are releasing are excellent.

It seems that BMW is churning out quite a lot of models lately. I remember them bringing three new ones at the last auto show in Shanghai, and now they are also rolling out this set.

Wow! Finally, they have arrived with the light version of the M3. Is this mean that, it will be going in the US market soon? I really want to have an opportunity to drive around this car.

It seems that there will be more expectations from BMW this coming opening of Frankfurt Motor Show. I was thinking if this is the first time for a car manufacturer to give a four entry in a single event? BTW, I was waiting for the M3 GTS sedan, the light weight concept.

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