BMW confirms inline-6 engine for next M3


There have been tons of rumors surrounding the engine choice for the next BMW M3 , ranging from a new V6 engine to an inline-six engine with tri-turbo (our favorite rumor), but now, the President of BMW North America, Mr. Ludwig Willisch has finally confirmed that the next M3 will feature an inline 6 layout - the same layout that will be used for the M4 .

Willisch also said that, at some point, BMW was indeed considering a V6 engine for the next M3, but in the end, this choice was dropped. What he didn’t specify was whether or not the new inline-6 engine will get bi-turbo or tri-turbo. Regardless of the technology, the future M3 will deliver at least 450 HP.

Ludwig Willisch also confirmed that the next M3 will be lighter, faster, more powerful, and more efficient than the current M3. It will be offered with an optional or standard manual transmission.

Don’t expect to see the new BMW M3 launched until late in 2013 or early 2014.

Source: F30 Post


That’s good; the strong empowerment will be passed on.

Don’t you think that the amount of ponies it exerts is already sufficient for a speedy run?

I never would have imagined that it can give off that amount of horsepower. It’s enough to be a lot speedy.

I honestly thought that the engine would be left lagging as it is V6, but I guess I’m wrong since it’s still able to exert 450 hp!

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