BMW F10 M5 rendering

A member of the 5post Forums developed the most realistic images of the future BMW M5 saloon set to be revealed in 2011. The next M5 will be powered by the same twin turbocharged V8 that can be found under the hood of the X6 M and will be mated to a seven speed dual clutch transmission. But because it is one of the German automaker’s halo cars, the engine will be tweaked to deliver a total of 570 HP and over 500 lb-ft of torque.

Nice work, lets just hope the final product will look just like this!

Source: 5post

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The current Dame Edna M5 is a design disaster - this one I can actually look at for more than 5 seconds without burning my eyes.

Given the 555hp X5/X6M are running mid 12’s the lighter, more powerful M5 should be a real monster and more than likely will take its crown back from the CTS-V.

M5 look awesome. But according to an official statement its not available ion F10 series anymore!But I do hope for a high performance manual box FTW,

Rendering speculation ..Definitely the BMW is not going to build the M5 on F11. So, I don’t think this could happen.

Its front is a bit larger compared to the previous models. You can able to see its traditional quad exhaust setup that graces M models.

What a lovely design plus it’s interiors are quite impressive. I wonder what will audi’s answer to the m5.

What I hate about it - is the front air intake. It looks like a f4 FALCON air vent.

That is a luxury car with too much Hp. I think 350 to 400 is just enough for that one.

That’s a lot of horses under the hood. I can’t imagine BMW tuned the x6 engine to gain more HP, this is a must have car. I wonder how fast this baby can run.

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