BMW fanatic wants to take his car beyond the grave with him

The dead are becoming more and more famous here on Topspeed, and it’s not because of reasons you might think. After featuring a young Puerto Rican and the rather unusual way he was displayed at his wake, we now have another dead car-loving fanatic who still wants to remind people just how much he loves cars even after he has passed on.

Steve Marsh, who was affectionately called BMW Steve by those close to him, passed on last year at the age of 51. We don’t know if he specifically wanted this type of tombstone on his grave, but his family, after being granted permission by the local authorities, went out and imported a one-piece granite scale model headstone of a BMW M3 convertible, BMW Steve’s favorite car in the world. And just to make sure that the granite M3 has BMW Steve’s imprint on it, his family personally designed the car, including the customized silver-painted lights, a dashboard, BMW logos on the wheels, and even a personalized license plate bearing the name ’Steve 1’.

And the cost of the car? That would be £50,000, which, if you didn’t know, is about the same price as a real BMW M3.

Photo credits: Peter Lawson

Source: Daily Mail


He must have really loved it so considerably. To have actually spent a lot on your ideal tombstone, he must be feeling grateful in heaven.

Weird! But to be honest my heart touched with this news, but I have to agree with Adriano Colombo, having a car like this in the cemetery. It will surely catch thieves attention.

Pretty odd news, but if that guy really want to drive this car in his grave then BMW would be the first one to have a car in the grave.

Thieves will be interested to rob that car. By the way, I adore the fanatic. He really loves his car. I think much better if he was buried sitting inside his car, since he didn’t want to lose his car.

I’m sure this fanatic has always thought that he couldn’t live without his BMW. It made me thought that he and his BMW had precious moments together.

Poor car, it will just turn into a recycle bin in the next five years. I’m sure this place became a tourist hotspot. Would you dare sit on the top of the grave? Just curious.

I laughed out when this page loads. Woah, this is really a devotion! I could imagine car collectors would love to bury their cars with them when the time expires.

haha. What an idea! But I have to agree instead of putting that car in the junk better sell it and donate to charity! Heck! 50K euro is kind of huge money! BTW, what does this dead man doing here in car section?smiley

I think this is the result of watching too much thing about old civilization! From this point this car is totally useless and I agree on brandon it will full of rust once left their for along time. I think its much better if they sell that car and donate in the charity I bet that one will help the soul of the owner!

too bad the car is left just like that, what about the engine and the car itself, it would just rust over there or a thief might steal it for his own. Sometimes death bed wish are kinda weird, its not as if he can drive a BMW in heaven.

The car has a clean and decent look, no wonder why it became the favorite of the deceased. However, when i saw the pic , I thought its just a car that stand in a granite stone. Well, it was placed decently there so I don’t mind at all. But i think they should put a mausoleum there to protect the car from the thief.

So horrible! The better thing to do is put the car in auction then when sold,
the money is much better donate to charity.

haha. pathetic. Guess, his not reading the bible. It said there that you can’t bring your luxury in heaven..smiley

This is such a very crazy antics! I hope his family will enlighten this man!

now that i think of it....
what if he rides it in heaven and it just falls from beneath him........
even if it is not the real thing.

This is crazy(laughs)! How can he use that nice car in heaven? What if someone stole it? It’s better to give it to the charity right?

If the vehicle was parked on the street, then I’d say... okay. but even then I’d think that tampering with a suspect vehicle is shady as hell.

that is true.

My sympathy for what happened to him but it’s his decision and we must respect it.

Last time I saw a man with his coprse in a Ducati. Now, a bmw over the grave.

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