BMW M3 CRT gets the title for the fastest M car on the circuit


Right before Christmas, German magazine Autobild gave themselves a little present: they took all of the current BMW M models and tested them on the circuit to see which one was the fastest. All of the tests were done on the Sachsenring circuit in Germany and, surprising or not, the fastest model turned out to be the M3 CRT (E90) . In fact, according to Autobild, not only was it the fastest from all the models tested, it was also the fastest M Car they have ever tested on the Sachsenring.

The M3 CRT lapped the circuit in 1:38.87 , closely followed by the M5 with a lap time of 1:38.90 and the 1-Series M Coupe with a time of 1:40.18. The list continues with the M3 in coupe, sedan, and convertible forms and ends with the X6M and X5M . Both SUVs were faster than the old E60 M5.

And just for fun, Autobild also brought a Porsche Panamera Turbo S and a Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG to the test. Hit the jump to see the official lap times.

Source: 5post
Autobild Shootout Sachsenring lap time
BMW M3 GTS (on semi-slicks)1:37.30
BMW M3 CRT1:38.87
BMW F10 M5 (driven by Claudia Hürtgen. Other cars were driven by Autobild drivers)1:38.90
BMW 1M Coupe1:40.18
BMW M3 Coupe DCT1:40.52
BMW M3 Sedan DCT1:40.60
BMW M3 Convertible DCT1:42.63
BMW X6 M1:43.67
BMW X5 M1:43.72
BMW E60 M51:43.77
F10 M5 Competition Sachsenring lap time
Porsche Panamera Turbo S1:38.13
BMW F10 M51:38.90
Mercedes E63 AMG PP1:40.59


No wonder for this M car to be the fastest on M series. But I am also curious on its engine specification. Those other cars are also fast and gone like a wind on that race.

The fastest on BMW M models is this car? Well no doubt about that though it looks like a simple car to us. This is a fast car to almost beat a Panamera in just a small time.

This is the fastest? Well, i can really see that! This BMW has everything I must say. From the exterior look and design, speed up to its wheels. Haha. I love the simplicity of its black wheels, really stunning!

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