BMW M3 E92 Compressor by Manhart Racing

In its standard version the BMW M3 develops a total of 420 hp. But as far as Manhart Racing is concerned, 420 horsepower just wouldn’t cut it. So they did what any self-respecting racing tuner would do: they bumped it up to 655 horsepower and they did so by following three stages of engine upgrades.

In the first stage, the tuner added a small compressor and a supercharging pressure of 0.35 bar and obtained an impressive 515 hp. In the second stage, they increased the pressure up to 0.50 bar and the total output to 585 hp. Finally, Manhart added a large compressor from ASA with a supercharging pressure of 0.67 bar and a titanium made exhaust system with 70 millimeter pipe diameter and two 200 cell race catalytic converters.

The result, as we’ve mentioned, is a stomach-churning 655 horsepower, a 0 to 60 mph time of 3.7 seconds, and the creme de la creme: a top speed of 217 mph.

Not content with the performance upgrades, Manhart Racing also gave the car’s interior a few modifications, including leather fittings in Alcantara/leather combination, performance seats, and an exclusive performance steering wheel with LED display which shows the temperature, transverse acceleration and ΒΌ mile times.

Press release after the jump.

Press release

M3 with up to 655 HP!

What Paul Rosche was for BMW in formula 1 in the 1980s, that’s what Günter Manhart is for the BMW tuning scene now, namely the undisputed motor pope. For decades he developed the BMW power trains for many renowned tuners, but remained completely incognito. But that has come to an end because for a few months now, Manhart is storming the tuning charts with sensational compressor and V10 reconstructions and even successfully competed in the high speed circuit at Nardo, Italy, with his M3 E91 Touring with V10 motor (an absolute unique).

BMW M3 E92 Compressor by Manhart Racing

3x compressor power!

For the current M3 generation Manhart offers a 3 stage power package, which strengthens the eight cylinder high speed motor to up to 655 HP. Of course with the standard 420 HP you are not exactly under-motorised, but a car fan can never have too much power. The first power stage starts with a small compressor and a supercharging pressure of 0.35 bar, which gives you 515 HP. In stage II the supercharging pressure is increased to 0.50 bar, whereby 585 HP is straining on the rear axle. In the third and largest build-up stage a large compressor from ASA with a supercharging pressure of 0.67 bar is combined with a specially developed exhaust system with 70 millimetre pipe diameter and two 200 cell race catalytic convertors – and the whole thing is made from TITANIUM. With this, a full 655 HP are at the start which catapult the Bavarian power athlete from 0 to 100km/h in just 3.7 seconds. The top speed is just over 350km/h.

Classic BBS wheels!

However, power alone is not everything, because so much power wants to and must be converted into propulsion. In order to do this without too much loss, Manhart Racing used a Bilstein PSS10 threaded suspension into the vehicle shown here, on the end of which turn classic BBS challenge rims in black. With 9Jx20 ET20 with 245/30ZR20 at the front and 10.5Jx20 ET20 with 295/25ZR20 continental tyres at t he rear they ensure grandiose grip at all times. In order that this power can be kept perfectly in check, 365mm brake discs are used on the front axle with floating callipers from the BMW M5 E60 and the braking system from the M3 E92 with 345mm discs are used on the rear axle.

BMW M3 E92 Compressor by Manhart Racing

BMW Performance!

The interior is a nice mix of sportiness and luxurious ambience, thanks to full leather fittings in Alcantara/leather combination, the wonderful performance seats with seat heating and an exclusive performance steering wheel with LED display which shows temperature, transverse acceleration and ¼ mile times. And of course there is a real switch guide plate with six channels to be inserted manually, which is how racing drivers like it.

Also new to Manhart Racing are increased performances for the new offroad steam hammers X6 M and X5 M. Manhart Racing endows their 4.4 litre V8 with BI turbo supercharging optionally with 600 HP (€5,900), 650 HP (€9,900) or even 700 HP (€14,900). A stainless steel exhaust from the turbocharger with 90mm pipe diameter as well as square or round, 86 or 90mm diameter end pipes are obligatory for all three power stages, at the price of €4,900.

BMW M3 E92 Compressor by Manhart Racing

For the M3 E92 Manhart Racing also has high quality exhaust technology at hand. The in-house exhaust system from the heaers has a constant diameter of 70mm and ends with four 82mm end pieces. In the “stainless steel” version (€2,490) it produces extra power of around 18 HP and a booming sound. Even more luxurious: the “TITANIUM” version which not only generates 25 additional HP but also has a weight advantage of 50% compared to the standard technology.


The car is sporty with a luxurious touch with a 3x compressor power and most specially 655 hp. Congratulations a new innovation for your company!

It can be modified also bud. Tuners like Manhart Racing deserves to be applause coz’ they’ve pumped the ECU that hard to have a great figure of horse power just for this M3 E92. Also the acceleration speed did improved a lot by less than 4 seconds from 0 to 60 mph.

I wonder how much each stage of that engine upgrade costs? Anyhow, that is a very impressive increase in horsepower of the car but, how did the upgrade affect the cars weight? I love the interior but I don’t think that I would be that much of a fan of the exterior.

that was an embarrassment to the hummer, police car was an Alfa Romeo and IMO it can matched up with the r8’s speed and agility. r8’s drift under the container is already done by Ken Block in his Gymkhana Round 2.

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