BMW M6 Concept Design Study

The BMW 6-Series is maybe one of he most wanted cars on the market. It is sporty, it is luxurious and it is coupe! And when we are talking about the high-version M6 even more. So will be normal to see lots of design propositions for the next generation sports car.

The latest one comes from David Cardoso from Belgium. His car has an exterior design inspired by the new BMW Z4, and if BMW will make it look at least 10% looking like this one, it will be for sure a huge success.


Yeah, it has an impressive speed performance though I think the styling of this car is similar with the M-series. I would love to see an aftermarket version for this vehicle.

After two years, finally the BMW has revealed the 6 series. I would say that its not that disappointing for thee design and performance of the car is quite awesome!

Yeah, that’s right. This car is extremely awesome though its production is currently inactive. I think everyone gets crazy over this model when BMW included the M package for this one! Extremely awesome.

Im glad to say that BMW have surpass our expectation on this production model. Even from the debut of 6 series, everyone have hooked up in this model since then. And no wonder that it’s sold out just a months later after is released.

Its a good concept, they should proceed with this one.

The concept is quite okay but not the best design for the upcoming year. Well I commend BMW for dealing with this kind of concept coz’ it’s hard to build up a new project but it’s common design for this year.

I just hope they fix the cupholder design on this and every BMW.

I really think that this is one off the most ugly cars i have seen in my life, i do not know what they were thinking when they designed this "car"...

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