BMW mule

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It was just last week when we brought you a Russian R8 owner who was pining for the days of the classic BMW luxury grand touring coupe, so it was quite comical when we came across this modern day nomad who is proud to call his workhorse a BMW , and that doesn’t stand for Bavarian Mule Works.

BMW mule

Aside from all the all terrain, test mule and harmful emissions jokes you have to ask yourself, what would possess a person to do a thing like this? Could it be the allure of owning an import or being able to ride around on a piece of fine German engineering that motivated this man to badge his donkey as a bonfire Bimmer. We guess that at the end of the day the question you have to ask yourself is, how much more is a BMW ass worth than the regular kind?

Perhaps we will find out in Frankfurt.

Source: Jalopnik


ROFL. How creative of that man to brandish that donkey with a BMW emblem. But if it’s to be taken seriously, I feel sorry for that mule.

I was wondering how BMW Mule looks like until I saw the picture of a real mule ridden by a man. At first, it’s funny, but then I realized that it is hard for a mule to travel because a mule only has half a horsepower.

We need people with more humor in the world. Poor donkey though, suffering is not a laughing matter.

Hell, I wonder if what’s the complete specs and figure performance of the BMW mule?hehe I would love to see this car in the opening of Frankfurt Motor Show!haha

HAHA. This one is definitely a winner! Well, I’m really frustrated to have a Bugatti car. I wonder if I can change the BMW badge into a Bugatti logo? Hehe

Is it the new version of BMW? The BMW Mule? smiley By the way, it seems that the man riding the mule is fond of BMW, yet he can’t afford to buy so he made his own. It will be very funny if that mule will pee on the road while on traffic.

Yeah, that’s funny. However, I have learn that mule is quite intelligent. So i think you’re idea would be a nice thing to try! lol

Yeah, its quite hilarious, however, I think it would better if BMW will make a car that was inspired by a mule since the Pontiac has their own "Goat version", Well, I think that would be a hint!

The next time I’ll travel to the mountain, I’ll make sure to find this authentic BMW mule. Just kidding. This one is hilarious. Wait a minute, let’s find other logos as well.

Nice joke! Well, Is this the new model of BMW? I wonder what are specs and its engine performance. And where do you think i could buy one of this donkey BMW?lol!

haha..this dude definitely has a good sense of humor..smiley

The Z8 wasn’t designed to compete with the Mercedes CL-class, so why would the Z9 be?

An alive BMW! Run! Just kidding. The mule looks cute on that animal.

Actually, the wheels are quiet impressive. The interior? I love it. It’s looks fun to drive. haha. I never knew that BMW releases a new model and take note I haven’t seen it on any “MOTOR SHOW”

He has all-wheel drive!!!

cool set of wheels, but the body has to much corners, to much edges create more drags, decreasing the car speed.

Give the guy a break. Do you think he has seen a BMW where he lives? He probably doesn’t even know what the badge stands for.

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