BMW PAS coming in the spring

Many great cars have died or have been delayed due to the slowing economy, but just to prove that there is no God when it comes to cars, BMW’s head-scratching PAS is still on an uninterrupted track for a spring of 2009 premier.

The PAS (Progressive Activity Sedan) is supposed to mix the elements of a sedan, wagon and mini-van, which means two out of the three elements are cars that most people are usually forced to drive. It’s also rumored that this car that deifies a real identity will at least come with some good engines. There should be a range of ten powerplants over the international line starting with a 2.5-liter 218 horsepower six cylinder engine and topping out at with a 408 hp twin-turbo V8.

We’ve even tried giving this car a cool name like P6 , but now CAR is reporting that the PAS will instead directly tarnish the 5-Series image. BMW’s wagon-like SUV will be given a 5-Series badge with an additional title (just like a 5-Series wagon is called a 5-Series Touring.) In fact the design of the PAS should be a good indication of the redesign of the 2010 5-Series .

Source: CAR

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