BMW prepares M3 GTS-R

In order to celebrate the success at the latest Nurburgring 24 hours race, BMW will unveil a special edition M3 GTS-R, that, as the company said, will eclipse the current GTS .

The M3 GTS-R will feature wider rear arches, Y-shaped 5-spoke design wheels, a double lip spoiler, and a carbon fiber adjustable rear spoiler. Not only will the M3 GTS-R keep the carbon fiber roof provided in the original, but it will also add a carbon fiber bonnet and rear deck lid. The lightweight glass will also continue its ride as another feature to reduce weight. As for the engine, BMW plans to obtain more HP from the current V8 and will be matching it to a DCT transmission.

Last, but not least, the BMW M3 GTS-R will cruise in a Stealth Frozen matte black paint job with new matching wheels to boot. Sexy and fast; just the way we like them.

Stay tuned for more details!

Source: M3 Post


There is nothing to prepare. This is already release and rollin out of streets of cannes.

Very nice looking cars. Especially the roadster. I was disappointed that they are front drivers. When I think of Alfa, I think of georgeous twin cam fours driving the rear wheels wrapped in handsome coachwork.

This is completely prepared mainly for Clubsport events on the track and unique driving satisfaction, and I think it is ready to hit the market in spring 2010.

bimmer are really making the m3 more and more exciting to drive but don’t expect any comfort on this baby. This is a race ready car by be bimmer.

Dang! Impressived headlamps! It still got the rounded style low beam lights. I’d like to see this baby in matte black.

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