BMW X2 coming in 2011?

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BMW just loves to blur the line between car and SUV. With SUVs already based on the 3 and 5-Series , the German company may be readying two SUV to spawn from the 1-Series . The four-door X1 has already been given approval for production, and now the two-door X2 may be on the way.

If the rendering from CAR Magazine is accurate then the sporty looking X2 will be much like a little brother to the mixed-identity X6 . It’s a little hard to admit but there is some attraction to a sporty coupe on a tough 4x4 platform. It’s kinda like how a girl gets hotter after she punches you in the face.

Source: CAR Magazine


the X6 isn’t quite doin well in d Gulf market... so BMW should give demselves a break from the SUV-coupe thing they’ve started...

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