BMW X6 Hybrid spy shots

BMW is working on a hybrid version for the X6 SUV . The new version will be revealed in 2009.

The X6 Hybrid will come with a two-mode hybrid system that features two electric motors housed in the hybrid transmission. This transmission means the X6 can run on electric power only. It also allows start-stop running in traffic, boosts the engine under acceleration and recovers energy under braking.

The X6 Hybrid will make its world debut at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show.

Source: Car Magazine


well that’s dissapointing kylle...for a second there i thought they just made a milestone there. hmmm, i’m thinking touareg2 with the v10tdi. that on definitely will go off road. or maybe the range rover. what do you think kylle?

that is the weirdest car i have ever seen for a bmw

nothing new, the same car with an electric engine, that one defenitly won`t go off road

does it mean it will run on electric power only? not a comination of gas and electric power? c’mon! be more specific. if this is true! way to go BMW! just dont price it too high so can still by one.

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