BMW Z10 ED green supercar - new details

BMW is making a new car to showcase all of its latest technology. This is similar to what Mercedes does with the S-Class , but in the case of the Bimmer, it’s going to make a green supercar .

We’ve already heard plenty of rumors about the Z10 ED , but now even BMW is talking about it. “The Z10 is the answer to the very interesting question ‘what if we designed a car for the future?’" said BMW design director Adrian van Hooydonk in an interview with Autocar. “The key to the BMW brand is that we must deliver an exciting dynamic experience in the future. That is the cornerstone of BMW, definitely.”

So the Z10 ED will be a front-engined rival for the Audi R8. The ‘ED’ in the car’s name stands for BMW’s eco-friendly technology called EfficientDynamics. This will give the Z10 innovations including stop-start (revolutionary on a supercar), active aerodynamics, and possibly even a heat collector that turns waste energy in the exhaust gases into electricity.

Source: Autocar

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