BoldRide Rendering of 2016 Supra Vs BullFinch and FT-HS

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How hot is the Toyota Supra on the internet, even a full 15 years since it was last produced? Along with googling ‘Amanda Bynes’ and a few other search engine phishing lures, the Supra is still a dangerous thing to discuss and search for online.

What do we mean? Well, when researching this article, we were cruising some very strange parts of the internet to gather all these image assets.

When doing so, even my normally-silent anti-virus and security programs went bananas, blocking things and demanding updates and directions on next steps.

Far more than Japan’s first rear-drive, straight-six supercar with a twin-turbocharged engine: the Supra is still competing and winning on race tracks and show circuits all over the world in 2013.

Heavily modified and often with more crash damage than Lehman Brothers, the Supra ’s that are left are terrifying night-stalkers capable of pushing 900 horsepower.

The looks will define the Supra’s importance as a halo car. And locked lips from Toyota have not stopped the world’s Supra fanatics from rendering their own speculative Supra concepts.

In partnership with BoldRide, TopSpeed is thrilled to share this latest set of Supra renderings.

In black with some familiar features about the rear wing in particular, these are very unique and exciting compared with the Bullfinch mystery render and Toyota’s own white FT-HS concept.

Click past the jump to get a closer look at these BoldRide renders, or also a re-cap of some other quite surprising outside proposals for the next Toyota Supra.

2016 Supra Taking Shape With Two Outside Styling Proposals

BoldRide Rendering of 2016 Supra Vs BullFinch and FT-HS

So with the hip new Scion running things within Toyota Motor Corporation these days, the rebirth of the Supra is firmly step two in Akio Toyoda’s plan to make the Big T sexy and fun again.

Plagued by indecision and competing factions, the LF-A is a showcase of how hard it is to make a marquee supercar within the Toyota organization.

For these reasons, no one really has any clue what the production Supra might include or look like in the next generation. What is widely accepted is that the Supra is firmly on its way, with an arrival penciled in for 2015 or 2016 almost a sure thing.

The tie-up with BMW may add some of the new i8’s supercapacitor-based hybrid systems, or this could be a backward-engine standard hybrid setup like the unfortunate new Honda NSX.

Let’s treat this like a sporting match, with nicknames of the three renderings being compared.

“The Ringer” - BoldRide October 2013 Supra Renderings

As unusual as it is to collaborate (sometimes), a topic like the Supra needs to be syndicated as widely as possible.

The BoldRide team provides a more in-depth look at some of the mechanical projections for the 2016 Supra over here.

A ’Ringer’ is a term from tennis doubles tournaments, where you deliberately bring in a much more skilled partner in order to win matches.

BoldRide Supra Rendered - Nose Detail


BoldRide Supra Rendered - Tail Detail

BoldRide Rendering of 2016 Supra Vs BullFinch and FT-HS

“The Favorite” - 2012 Toyota Concept FT-HS

BoldRide Rendering of 2016 Supra Vs BullFinch and FT-HS

A hybrid targa with a power-operated roof sounds fantastic. If only that nose was a little less... Something.

BoldRide Rendering of 2016 Supra Vs BullFinch and FT-HS

“The Swedish Contender” - June 2013 Mystery Render

BoldRide Rendering of 2016 Supra Vs BullFinch and FT-HS

This one is really out of left field, with a proposal watermarked and tagged with the website - which denotes a Swedish web site.

There is another Bullfinch Designs in the UK, and a that rates the best bars... but nada from this official website

Even so, the concepts and ideas presented by the Bullfinch rendering are somewhat cleaner and more satisfying than either the Ringer or the Favorite above.

“The Legacy” - Evolution of the Supra 1979-1997

BoldRide Rendering of 2016 Supra Vs BullFinch and FT-HS


BoldRide Rendering of 2016 Supra Vs BullFinch and FT-HS

Which is your favorite? Let us (and Toyota!) know in the comments section below!

Thanks to BoldRide and Yahoo! Autos

What is your take?

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