Bond's DBS crashed, again!

This time it wasn’t an accident! Bond and his crew crashed the DBS deliberate this time, to show the fate that awaits 007’s wheels in the movie.

Bond's DBS crashed, again!

Shooting on the upcoming James Bond adventure "Quantum of Solace" continued in and around the mountains of Carrara in Italy today, for a scene which will have 007’s Aston Martin DBS crash in to a marble quarry. The real-life marble basin location in Fantiscritti has been a quarry for generations, but workers put excavations on hold for a day whilst the Bond crew deliberately wrecked some vehicles

Bond is chased by villains in Alfa Romeos around the banks of Lake Garda, culminating in a devastating crash in the Canalgrande and Fantiscritti marble quarries. The action will form the pre-credits sequence to the movie and is expected to run for 15 minutes.

Source: Mi6


Oh, well, what else can we actually expect? I mean it wouldn’t be James Bond if he didn’t have a really cool, sleek and expensive car to ride on right, and for the past 10 movies, I think he managed to crash them all up, burn them, wreck them, get them chopped in half, drown then in the sea, or in short make the cool cars look like a tin can.

so... is that part of the movie or something???

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