Brabus SL65 Black Series Stealth

Remember the Brabus Vanish ? It was an 800 HP one-off Mercedes SL 65 AMG Black Series especially created for a Dubai customer. Well, Brabus did it again, but this time it juiced up the power even more. Their newest model is called the Stealth and it is based off the same Mercedes model as the Vanish. And hey, guess where the lucky customer is from? Yes, it was created for a customer in Dubai.

In its standard version the SL65 AMG Black Series develops a total of 670 HP, but this time Brabus took it to an impressive 820 HP. This jumps the horsepower an extra 20HP from the previous model they built called the Vanish. Apparently, the Stealth was built to go so fast that they had to upgrade the name as well, but don’t let it fool you; the cops can still pick up the uncontrollably fast vehicle on their radars.

The ironic part of this whole story is that both of the customers from Dubai probably enlisted the help of Brabus Brabus to obtain a ridiculously fast vehicle that would make them stand out in their unique renditions of the Mercedes’. Turns out, both adrenaline-pumping vehicles call the same neighborhood home. The two Dubai men actually live in the same neighborhood! Talk about the ultimate backfire!

Video after the jump.



hmmm It would be better if they choose color black because it fits the name.

Gorgeous! But I like to see it in black. bravo brabus... another good collection.

What a sweet and lovely looking SL65. Well, that’s how brabus work of course. Never settling for less.

well that’s just pure evil !!!! why why would they do such a monster ????

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