Brabus Smart ForTwo to make U.S. debut in 2009

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Brabus , the German tuners specializing in Mercedes vehicles announced that its new customized Smart ForTwo will make its official debut in February 2009 (orders start tomorrow—Oct 23). The customization features a new set of "Monoblock VI" alloy wheels and a new suspension kit which lowers it with up to 15 millimeters.

Brabus Smart ForTwo to make U.S. debut in 2009

But don’t get you’re hopes up just yet. According to Autoblog, the best part of the European version of the Brabus Smart ForTwo , the engine, will not be making the trip across the pond. In Europe, Brabus takes the standard three-cylinder Smart engine and turbocharges it to 98 hp. Of course, it sounds like a small amount of power, but it’s a 27 hp improvement for the 1700 lb. car. In that car the 0 to 60 time drops to less than 10 seconds. While that’s not particularly impressive, it will mean that the European minicars can still kick our butts in a drag race.


Get ready to save gas and die crushed by your neighbor SUV ! smiley

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