Breaking: New Ferrari Dino to be launched in Paris

2012 will be a pretty busy year for Ferrari . After the F12berlinetta and the new Enzo replacement, the company will take a little break from developing V12 supercars and will focus on offering the long rumored successor for the legendary Dino instead.

In the past few years, Ferrari has been up and down when asked about a new Dino, but now Ferrari sources have confirmed to us that a new Dino is currently being developed and that it will be unveiled this fall at the Paris Auto Show, with the production to follow in early 2013 - as a celebration of the car’s 45th anniversary.

The new Dino will be the smallest model in Ferrari’s line-up and will be powered by a detuned version of the V8 engine used in the 458 Italia. This means we’ll see a total output somewhere in the 450 HP area. As for its exterior design, expect to see the classic Dino brought to our modern days: it will combine elements from the latest 458 Italia , FF , and F12berlinetta and will still offer a 2+2 seats configuration. The best part is that the car’s legendary nose will remain, but will look a bit modernized.

As for the car’s price, our sources have confirmed that the new Dino will be the cheapest model in the line-up, but you’ll still have to dish out about $200K if you want to own one.

UPDATE 04/02/2012: In case you hadn’t realized it yet, April Fool’s!! This information is 100% false and was created for our amusement on this wonderful day!


Too bad it’s for Paris only. I know some parts of Europe has potentials to market this new Dino.

Yeah they were busy on producing models and concept for the upcoming years to come. The coming Dino is inviting and promising as the Ferrari made teaser and sneak previews of its details and design. How could you not be tempted with the hearsay about this new Dino, if it has 450HP output?

Why it’ll launch only in Paris? I guess Italians has the insipidity on these vehicles tough there are markets, which have potentials to sell it all out.

Ah, I’ve never heard of this car before. It looks eccentric, perhaps because of its ancient looks (isn’t it obvious by its name!), but it seems like Paris is expectant!

I cannot fathom the amount of sighs I gave off because of this car. I don’t understand the hype over it, neither its reproduction per se.

Its engine is the only impressive thing, but that’s just about it.

I have checked out its old self, and I must say that it impressed me since there have been a lot of enhancement.

Whoa, I can’t believe that the French people really dig this car with such an eccentric design.

So this is a re-launch? This Dino car isn’t a bit attractive to me though.

I’d expect this to be well-received in Paris seeing what these people have said about French people’s taste.

Oh come on. This was a novelty back then, but now, the world has entirely gone different. Anyway, I’ve heard that French people have this odd attraction to some weird-looking automotive, so I’m kind of not surprised about this.

The French people seem to have an eccentric attraction to this car. Well, why not? Its engine is worth of its price.

I have no idea what it was like before, but looking at the figures, it seems like it really has improved. However, its design is not fitted to my liking.

Do anyone really like this? I find it so unappealing; either I am weird, or the general people fond of this are.

Although it is the smallest, will it be far by the fastest? It’s built looks ancient, just truly like a dinosaur.

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