Bugatti-inspired Sporting Watch from Ralph Lauren

The fashion and auto world join together quite frequently to produce some of the most elegant and dramatic pieces known to man. While a lot of these example are in the form of a vehicle that has been dressed up by a designer, some come as a fashion accessory inspired by a particular model. Timepieces are huge in this area, and this latest watch from Ralph Lauren is about as elegant a collaboration as one can get.

Ralph Lauren has unveiled a special watch inspired by his very own vintageBugatti Type 57SC Atlantic . The Bugatti Sporting watch features a stainless steel case with a matte black dial and a wood finish of loupe d’orme or elm burl–in. These features are a throwback to the Bugatti’s iconic wooden dashboard and trim detail. Furthermore, the watch features Arabic numerals, arrow-shaped hour and minute hands, and a black calf leather strap.

This elegant timepiece is now available through Ralph Lauren’s Sporting collection for a grand price of $13,200. Not exactly cheap, but a heck of a lot better than the price associated with any Bugatti , let along a vintage model.


This is simply amazing RL designed thing! This is what everyman must be dreaming to put on their cars. I also agree with the price the had to put on this Bugatti sporting watch.

Wow! so this car was based from the most expensive car in the world the Bugatti 57s!For the price of this car I could actually buy a new car!

Oh yeah! Here it goes again the "Chronograph" for the rich people. However, just like what I have said before, this thing for collection item purposes, and I don’t get its significant to car industry! 

Being a fine art doesn’t necessarily means it is an extraordinary from technical point of view product. Citroen DS was one of the best mass examples - fantastic look and under performing appliance at the same time.

Although designs of cars and watches are connected, this one (the same as the vehicle it reminiscent) is just for snobs with enormous amount of money.

Yup! this watch in the first glance looks like a Bugatti watch as it has all the feature that matches with the Bugatti. I am quite sure that it has impressed all of us with its elegant looks. Thanks for posting…

Dubbed the Radical Star, the package features an aggressive front fascia, wheel arch extensions (which add 100mm in width), and a carbon fiber rear diffuser.

definitely, you wont get it in a cheap price unless they already old enough to sell it on sale. forgive my on my words.

OMG, $13.200!!! I truly loved this one when i saw it. A splendid piece of art! Usually I do not care so much for the brand of the watch and this is why I’m looking forward to a cheaper replica.

Please Santa, get me one of those, I’ve been a good boy!
I love the steel and wood combination!

Arabic numerals for increased legibility, arrow-shaped hour and minute hands, as well as an elm burl frame, are all among the highlights of the new product.

nice, this is a perfect gift for you special someone specially its yuletide season.. but i wonder where can I get this watch.

dang for sure this thing has a higher price than the regular RL watches and even on its class. i wonder who will buy this classy wrist watch.

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