Bugatti "Project Lydia" - the most expensive car in the world

Veyron was at some point the fastest car int he world. That was before getting serious competition for Hennessey Hennessey , Ultima Ultima and 9ff. But Bugatti wants to own the title of the "manufacturer of the fastest car in the world" again! This is why they started making plans for a new supercar, codenamed "project Lydia" that will have a maximum power of 1175 hp and will hit a top speed of more than 400 km/h.

Did you thought that the Veyron was expensive? Well, you were wrong! Initially "Lydia" was supposed to enter production in 2009, but chief executive Ferdinand Piech delayed project with one more year. In any case, both 2009 or 2010, Project Lydia (Veyron’s "wife") will be priced at more than 2.5 million euro. After all, a wife is a real gold digger!

The "Project Lydia" is a car designed for the race track, but it will be a a fully capable road going car. Bugatti expects the car to smash any Nurburgring record with a track time of 6m 40s.


i think this car is awsome and deffinetly gonna looking for it

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