Bugatti Renaissance by JMV Design

Even if the exotic French automaker Bugatti has yet to announce the fate of a successor for the Veyron super car, that hasn’t stopped outside sources from dreaming up their own next generation 250 MPH+ dream machine. Take these renderings from the Canadian John Mark Vicente, a graduate of the Communication Design program at Emily Carr University. His creation is called called Renaissance and these wild computer aided renderings take all of the current Bugatti’s design cues that have become synonymous with the 1001 HP Veyron like the overall double bubble shape and signature twin air scoops protruding through the roof in order to ingest clean air at insanely fast speeds.

Bugatti Renaissance by JMV Design

John Mark takes the Veyron to the next level with a full iRobot treatment by adding a new aggressive nose with much more angular LED headlamps, snarling snout and a more pronounced diffuser that looks to have been made from carbon fiber. Speaking of the lightweight wavy black stuff, the Renaissance also shows off its carbon construction with the A-pillars that sweep back into the forward section of the roof as well as with its rear flanks. Out back the forward thinking Bugatti trades in the Veyron’s curves for a much more angular rear end that matches the nose, while the larger diameter rims dress the would be super car up from every angle.

Source: JVM Design


I hope the car really runs well so it can match the quality made exterior. Very nice one.

It seems futuristic. Looks like a car to be used in a movie or so. If they will be remaking the movie “Back to the Future”, this car will definitely have my vote. Just don’t crash it on the train track though.

The past Veyron should have been designed like so. Its innovative and futuristic. Although I don’t think that I would like the idea of solo flight drive with a sport car.

This design is so amazing, that man really have the heart for modern cars. Right now I’m imagining the world with cars of that look. And I’m thinking, from anytime you ride on it, it can turn into a robot. The design is full of technology. I’m still on a leverage if we should let it come to life or not. Still weighing the advantages and disadvantages.

That should be the concept of a multi-million car Bugatti. I’m still on the process of upgrading my mind and try to insert this concept on the line of Bugatti’s finest cars. Really outstanding design of JMV and I’m hoping that this one will consider by Bugatti design department,

Interesting concept, but the design’s too messy. It lacks the subtlety and cohesiveness to make a classic, or even last a few years.

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