Bugatti's future sedan to be built on Audi A8 platform

The maker that has brought us the famous record-breaking Veyron supercar is about to bite the hand that feeds them by ending its production. Instead, Bugatti plans on spending their time building luxury sedans. Right now, the child in us is blowing raspberries at the French company.

The new Bugatti luxury sedan is expected to debut sometime in 2014, but not much else is known about the model. Now, thanks to the German publication, Spiegel, we have just a couple of more details to share.

Now that Audi and Porsche are responsible for all the luxury models in the Volkswagen Group, the future Bugatti sedan will end up being built on the same platform as the Audi A8 . Being a Bugatti model, it will be limited to only 300 units and will carry a price tag similar to the Veyron, meaning that only few of us will have the chance to actually drive one.

The sedan model will feature design elements from the Bugatti’s latest concept, the 16 C Galibier . The 16 C concept features the traditional Bugatti radiator complimented by big round LED lit headlamps and the clamshell running the length of the vehicle, which became synonymous with the brand identity under Jean Bugatti in the Type 57.

Source: Spiegel


Nice! Bugatti is really evolving from supercar to sedan. Now, I’m excited to know the performance of this Bugatti sedan. I do hope that it wouldn’t be a big deal for the engine modification, since we all know sedan is heavy.

Whoa! It’’s really expensive! I wonder if i could actually loan for this car and maybe I could take 20year to fully pay itsmiley

I’m sure they’ll also make a new engine for this platform. with such weight the engine should compensate with out sacrificing so much speed drop.

Lovely, but isn’t that the frame of audi r8 is heavier? hope the bugatti sedan can perform well as the original bugatti do.

The sedan model will feature design elements from the Bugatti’s latest concept, the 16 C Galibier.

Infiniti’s new luxury model, the Infiniti M, actually made its debut at the 2009 Los Angeles Auto Show, although it qualifies on our ‘Best of 2010’ because it was officially released in showrooms at the early part of this year.

As always, there’s no confirmation from either Bugatti or Volkswagen Group, so we’re still waiting for a statement on the matter to confirm or deny the report.

totally I agree they cannot be the best until there are competitors around, being the best is really thought you always needed to be one step ahead of your competitor.

This is good for Audi; seriously good, but not enough! Audi needs to appeal to the masses and not the exclusive; especially in the US. Need to take some of that marketing budget and get in the streets! Let people see the brand in action, not just read about it!

haha...on Audi A8 platform? a super sedan will be built on a luxury sedan. thats good news actually.

Somehow even if no one had mentioned that this new sedan has the Audi A8 platform, my first thoughts would of been anyway: "this one reminds me of the A8". Probably it gets more than the platform from the A8, it gets a big chunk of attitude!

Bugatti is keeping the exclusive tag on their models which is a great thing.

This baby price tag is in the category, of "if you ask the price, you cannot afford it" smiley

Don’t get me wrong, I hate cars scratchers, but I’m wondering if that chromed side is easier to scratch or harder than usual paint.

I’m interested lately about a paint that is scratch-free smiley

well i bet they will for sure Bugatti doesn’t want to ruin their reputation right? and they will probably defend their crown as fastest and most expensive car in the world today.

what? are you serious? I hope they’ll use the same aircraft material they used in building the fastest and the rarest car in the world.

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